We have Twin Operation Theatre complex which was specially designed for Renal Transplantation and other sophisticated surgeries. A well equipped Post-Transplant room is located within the theatre complex to ensure sterility and to facilitate barrier nursing.This center has been authorized to undertake Renal Transplantation by Government of Tamilnadu (Reg. No. 113109/ E7/2/96 by Appropriate authority- Director of medical and rural health services on 07th July 1997). From that year, we have commenced Renal Transplantation successfully. Since then we have been carrying out Renal Transplantation. We have completed around 250 cases and we are proud to mention that our results are comparable with the best of centers.

We have C-arm/image Intensifier and laparoscopic instrument in our theatre to enable all kinds of laparoscopic surgery, more effective management of renal stone diseases, orthopedic problems and other vascular catheterization procedures.