micro-labWe have a dedicated microbiology and immunology laboratory with sophisticated equipments under the supervision of a qualified medical microbiologist. Apart from doing routine bacteriological and fungal cultures, we have Elisa reader and facilities to do investigations like antigen / antibody workup. To mention a few Dengue, ANA, ANCA, C3, C4, Anti GBM Ab, HBs Ag, HIV, ASO, Ig A, PSA, HCV, CMV etc. We are doing Western Blot for HIV and ANA also. We are doing line immunoassay (a variant of Western Blot) for ANA and Torch profile.

Recently we have added Nephelometer – an equipment for measuring proteins in serum / Body fluid, accurately (CRP, C3, ASO, RF, Microalbuminuria and 1 antitrypsm)